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Save Money on Your Curly Hair Products!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Sometimes products with the best ingredients can be a little pricey! When I find products that really work not only on my naturally curly hair, but on other hair textures, I try to get a discount code for my curlfriends! Enjoy the savings on some of my most recommended brands!

I fell in love with OLAPLEX N°3 years ago and will always keep a bottle around! I also highly recommend their serum & N°0. Use code “hif3liciato receive a FREE N°0 + N°3 starter kit ($16 value) on your purchase of $50 or more!

ManeTRxx products were created by yours truly after receiving so many requests from my online supporters wondering what some of my favorite DIY recipes were! Use code “FEL10” for savings on

Curlsmith has been one of my go to brands for years and is great for beginners! Use code “Felicia10” for savings on Curlsmith’s website.

Bouncecurl is another one of my go to brands with great ingredients! Use my discount code “FeliciaHelped” to save money on Bouncecurl products!

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